WebText Integration - Minor downtime 17th - 19th November

Hello all,

As advised by WebText, any Customers using the Integration into Stratum for their SMS may experience some minor downtime on the weekend of the 17th - 19th November. Please see the details below from WebText:

"One of our carriers has flagged downtime for the weekend 17 - 19th Nov - we'd expect the disruption to be minimal but there may be delays to the service. There should be no requirement to resend messages if there is a delay as the carrier should resend once the service is restored. The disruption should be only 10 minutes at a time over the 2 nights. "



17 November 2017 22:00 UTC


19 November 2017 05:00 UTC


Multiple brief duration downtimes expected within two separate time frames, with total estimate of no more than 10 minutes.



Stratum Support


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